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Compensation and Benefits Survey

Posted over 1 year ago by Casey Fowler

Greetings and Welcome to November!
As part of our continued efforts to advocate for Nurse Practitioners in our community, NPGS leadership has decided to extend a compensation and benefits survey to Nurse Practitioners in our community. The survey will be open throughout the month of November in honor of Nurse Practitioner Week (November 12-18). NPGS membership is not required to participate. Results will be shared on our website in January or February. Participation in anonymous. Our hope is to identify ares for improvement and to provide objective data that Nurse Practitioners in our community can use in negotiating compensation and benefits. We have also included questions on precepting as this is becoming more of a concern in our community with the opening of the new medical school. We hope that our community will participate and share this opportunity with other Nurse Practitioners outside our group! Thank you in advance for your participation!
Nurse Practitioner Group of Spokane Board of Directors


Sandra Schilling over 1 year ago

I think there was a typo, and preventing should be precepting

Casey Fowler over 1 year ago

Got it. Thanks!

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