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New Year Starting Soon

Posted over 1 year ago by Casey Fowler

Welcome to September Everyone!

We will be kicking off our new year with our first CE of the year at the end of this month (invitation to follow shortly). For those of you who are new to our group, welcome! If you have been a part of our group before, but have not renewed your membership, we encourage you to do so at our website ( We have an exciting lineup to share with our members this year with proposed topics including: Caring for Patients with Heart Failure in Primary Care, What's New in State/National Legislative Issues, How to Address Palliative Care in Primary Care, New Standards with Vaccines, Does my Child/Adolescent Have a Concussion, Poly-Pharmacy and Deprescribing in the Elderly, Child Abuse, Seizures and Seizure Medications, New Surgical Options, and the Art of Analyzing Moles. We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon at our new location in suite 200 at St. Luke's Rehabilitation!


Casey Fowler



Sandra Schilling over 1 year ago

Thank you Casey for getting us started! I look forward to a great year of top quality, affordable continuing education and of course networking with fellow NPs from around Spokane! See you September 28th!

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