Nurse Practitioner Group of Spokane

New Board of Directors

Posted over 1 year ago by Casey Fowler

On July 1, 2017, our new NPGS Board of Directors took office. We are planning a great year starting in September with a continued focus on incorporating pharmacology credits, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back. See below for a listing of our board members and the offices they hold.

President:  Sandy Schilling

President Elect: Nikole Arrotta

Treasurer: Hatumbua Melaku

Secretary: Cathy Mitchell

Legislative liaison: Edelweiss Von Maack

Membership: Casey Fowler

Membership: Sue Frankovich

Education Committee Chair: Lynn McHugh

Education: Elizabeth Hartley-Keith

Education: Mary Hoenecke

Education: Jo Prophet

Education: Jennifer Nava




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